Freedomland USA

Freedomland USA



 This DVD highlights the construction and operation, and lengthy tour of the park and attractions. 

Actual voice comments from Van France, who created the Disney Academy/University for Disneyland, and also created for FREEDOMLAND a similar program called Friendly Freedomlanders.  Also comments, from Cliff Walker, manager talking about opening day. Pat Boone, on opening day. John Bryden from the Eddaville Railroad, describing how the trains came down every spring from Eddaville, to the Bronx.  Comments also from Ben Rossi, Freedomland's Marshall and star of Live action stunt shows. Information as told by C.V. Wood, FREEDOMLAND's creator, to the host of the DVD. Comments by amusement park legend Charlie Wood, past owner of The Great Escape park in Lake George, New York, who acquired some of FREEDOMLAND's attractions. Actual FREEDOMLAND radio commercials, and more.  Running  time is about an hour and 20 minutes.

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